Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Writing Challenge

Everyone, especially writers it seems, needs a challenge once in a while. Something to stir the creative juices so to speak. The weekly challenges I vow to post are meant to do just that. I hope the challenges will not only lead to inspired writing but to joyful writing.

Let's take a trip to your favorite writing space. Stand back, look at your space with a critical eye. Is it conducive to productivity? Is it comfortable? Are there things that help open your heart and mind? Are there things that put a screeching halt to your creativity? What defines the space as yours?

My desk faces a half wall. I can see over the ledge down the hall and into the den. My writing space sits in what is supposed to be the living area of what is meant to be a formal living/dining area. To the left of my chair is my printer and bulletin board. Favorite quotes, short articles from writing journals, a couple of poems, and a small oil painting of a young woman looking over a hill to the west are on the bulletin board . This girl represents my main character, Rebecca, from my work in progress. A palm sized labryinth hangs at eye level over my desk. It is my spiritual reminder.

I have a comfortable sofa to retreat to when I need to think or review research. It sits in front of a bay window. The window coverings are sheers so I can see the squirrels, watch the neighborhood, and daydream.

I don't do most of my true writing at my desk. It is done in my recliner with my laptop. When I need to simply answer e-mails, use the printer, or organize notebooks I sit at my desk. It is my space. It is, sometimes, my refuge.

This first promised challenge is to look at your own writing space. Remove distractions. If necessary organize your bulletin board. Make your space your space. Then, write.

Tell me about your writing space. What inspires you? What distracts you?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Promise

As implicitly promised in my previous blog post I'm sending my Wednesday post. It isn't difficult to come up with topics or interesting subjects for blog posts. Not at all. The difficult part is choosing what to write.

Today, I want to tell you about an astounding author I've met through the Celtic Hearts Romance Writers. Her name is Kerri Nelson. She juggles being a wife and mother with publishing up to 15 romantic suspense novels a year, serving as an officer in CHRW, preparing and facilitating several workshops a year, and supporting authors at every stage in the writing game.

Kerri is an outstanding woman. An example of what can be done with discipline and organization.

I'm currently enrolled in "The Book Factory." What a course! It focuses on being an organized and prolific writer. The course is only half completed and I am writing more in these few weeks than I've written in months. Maybe even years. I feel the glow of promise. I feel the swell of burgeoning confidence. I just feel capable. It's all good.

Get to know Kerri at

Make promises. Keep them. Learn to love your words.

Look for a writing challenge on Friday. Now, go write my author friends . . .

Friday, January 14, 2011

Talking with a Friend

I just finished a phone call with a fellow writer. She and I are both history lovers. We're both working on novels taking place along the Oregon Trail. Hers takes place in 1843, mine in 1845. Maybe I'll figure out a way for her Kate to meet my Rebecca at the end of the trail.

Christi Corbett's blog is a must see. A must read. The link is When her book is published I think I'll fly from Oklahoma to Oregon just to have her autograph a copy for me in person.

Twice today I read the term "beta reader" in posts on an online class I'm taking. You might think everyone should know the term. I didn't. Actually, I stressed out over the fact that I might have to get some new sort of computerized, robotic machine. According to the posts I read a Beta Reader is a must have.

Dollar signs and dunce caps flashed through my mind.

I asked Christi about a Beta Reader!!!

Come to find out it's an invaluable PERSON who reads our work. Someone who proofreads and critiques and comments . . .

No heart attacks for me today. But, I must find a Beta Reader. Any takers?

Look for regular posts every Wednesday. And, a writing challenge every Friday . . .