Monday, May 16, 2011

An eye-opening challenge

Try this, Friends--
At a workshop the facilitator had the participants write free style for three minutes. She gave us one word to use. The word was motorcycle. Those of us who read our thoughts aloud differed so much it was amazing. I wrote of being a nurse and working in an ER when a motorcycle accident comes through the double doors. Another wrote of the freedom one feels on a motorcycle. Another wrote of a youthful memory and first love. Another wrote of the heartbreak of losing a loved one.

The exercise was about finding our personal voice in our writing.

I challenge each of you to sit down with a pencil and notebook. Write for three minutes using the word PROM. If you wish post your words. Let me hear at least about your voice.

Friday, May 13, 2011

an addendum to previous post about OWFI

I apologize but it is not confirmed that William Bernhardt will be presenting a three hour intensive workshop at the 2012 conference.

I hope it happens and will let readers know if and when it is confirmed. Thanks,


OWFI Conference and sharing new knowledge

The weekend of May 5 through 8, 2011 I was loving being around 400 fellow writers. The Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc. (OWFI) in Oklahoma City. I have hand-written three different versions of what I want to share with you, dear Readers. Realizing there was simply more than I could relate in a short space I chose to give you the bare bones about the conference. It is annual, always in Oklahoma City and is the "go to" conference in the Heartland. And, it is reasonably priced.

The keynote speaker, Steve Berry, presented a very inspiring and down to earth message about "hanging in there." Before he became a New York Times bestseller many times over he wrote for a few hours every morning before going to his office. He wrote and wrote. Finally, about 80 rejections, several years, and eight completed manuscripts, he received the news that "Amber Room" would be published. He has since sold all of his manuscripts. I love his work because he does so much obvious historical research and puts the reader right smack dab in the middle of a thriller. Berry and his wife, Elizabeth, are very accepting and approachable. I hear he'll be back in 2013. . .

William Bernhardt, another New York Times bestseller, offered two workshops. Wow! This guy knows how to teach and make writing our own works of any genre better. He is the author of the Ben Kincaid series. He writes primarily political thrillers. He'll be presenting a three hour intensive workshop at the 2012 conference . . .

Never did I imagine I would be in the same room at the same time with Steve Berry and William Bernhardt. Just, WOW!

OWFI offered 48 workshops to choose from. The first day began with three panels: an agents panel, a magazine editors panel, and a book editors panel. Several attendees set up appointments with the panel members. Next year I will save up some courage and make an appointment.

I can only list the workshops I chose because of space. However, if any readers wish to know more and receive the address links for any of the speakers let me know in your comments and I will get them to you.

My workshop choices:
"Breaking In: The Basics of Writing for Magazines"--Kelly James-Enger
"Fundamentals of Story"--William Bernhardt
"Flattering Your Authentic Voice"--Wendy Lyn Watson
"Build Life into Your Characters"--Charles "Chuck" Sasser
"Romance Writing Today"--Gretchen Craig
"Sin, Suffer, Cash the Checks"--Michael Bracken
"Emotional Suspense"--Lenora Worth
"Buzzing Your Book"--Elizabeth Berry
"The Hero's Journey"--Max McCoy
"The Character Driven Novel"--William Bernhardt
"How to Lose an Editor in 10 Days"--Rhonda Penders

Check out OWFI. The dues are $25/year. There are no meetings except for the conference. A glossy newsletter arrives in your own mail box at regular intervals.

Go out and write! Be productive. I love hearing from everyone.