Tuesday, September 7, 2010

End of Summer Potpourri

The Cavalier Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA

This summer has flown by and it has been full. Full of love mostly. Early in June I flew to Chesapeake, Virginia to spend almost eight weeks with my beautiful daughter-in-law, Sierra and two extremely special granddaughters, Rosalyn and Bailey. Living so far from those girls makes me so very sad at times. On August 5th by Sailor son, Bill, came home to his young family. He had been away serving on the USS Carl Vinson for 7 months. He is on shore duty for the remaining four years of his service. When he retires in 2014 he and his family are moving to Durant. I'll have both sons and their families in the same town I live in. That, dear friends, is an answered prayer and a dream come true.

While I was in Virginia I finally got to visit the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. I wasn't able to stay as long as I wished. Maybe next time. The Cavalier is beautiful and historic. My desire to see it stemmed from the knowledge that Ernest Hemingway spent some time there. He wrote there. I think when I get the chance to return I'll take my laptop, my muse, and some money to sit in the bar and have a. drink with old Ernest. Can't you just imagine walking up those old steps and onto the marbled floors gleaming beneath crystal chandelier? Oriental rugs cushion tired feet. A large sunroom with white wicker furniture welcomes any person of any age. I must say my favorite area was probably an afterthought by the Cavalier designers. It is a very small library tucked into a corner. The shape is narrow and triangular. Dark mahogany shelves line the two walls. There is no room for a chair. The seclusion of the tiny space wraps visitors like a Pashmina shawl. Very nice.

When I returned home I took a day to attend a meeting of the Oklahoma RWA group in Oklahoma City. I had the honor and privilege of meeting several impressive writers. I felt welcomed and respected. An opportunity fell into my newbie lap within this group. Several members are writing a series of stories geared to The Wild Rose Press. I am writing a contemporary for the series. If my story is chosen /published I will jump and shout for days. At the very least I will learn a great deal. I'll keep you informed.

On a personal note I have to share the exciting news that my oldest son, Erick got married to a beautiful woman on September 3. So, I now have two sons, two daughters-in-law I call daughters, and two granddaughters.

Let the fall begin. Let my writing projects take off. Let my writing groups teach and nurture me. Let life continue with great happiness and opportunity.

I am adding several new links to the blog. Check them out when you have time. Until next time, writer friends, may the muse be with you.



Jess said...

Really good post, Nona. Best of luck with your Wild Rose Press story. Hope we get to see you at our conference in November. Bring all your new writer friends!

Judith Leger said...

Wow, Nona, you have had a busy summer, haven't you? That's awesome.

Get busy honey and write that story. I would love it that we are both published with the same publisher!

The best part of you entire blog was your sons moving close to you. Yes, it is such a tremendous blessing! So happy for you. The time will pass by before you know, sweetie!

Miriam Newman said...

Good luck on your journey, Nona! I'm an Eastern girl myself, but that's a WOW picture at the top of your blog. Love it!

Maeve said...

It's good to meet you, Winona! Your family sounds beautiful and that handsome friend of yours named "Bear" caught my eye. Thank you for sharing your story with us and best of luck with your writing for The Wild Rose Press. :-)

Winona said...

Maeve--I had to have dear Bear put to sleep because she started growling and nipping at children. I just couldn't take the chance that she would harm a child. I miss her greatly. She was a perfect pet for me. Just now I don't have a pet but my heart needs one.

Pat McDermott said...

Winona, I enjoyed your post. Nice getting to know you. Love the picture with the title. My daughter got married last year and moved to New Mexico. Similar scenery there, very exotic to us New Englanders. Best of luck with your Wild Rose story!

Sarah Hoss said...

This was a good psot Winona! I am glad you joined our group and I can't wait to read more from you!

COngratulations on your son's wedding and getting pubished in the Patch Work publications. WTG!

Keep up the good work!

Linda Broday said...

Sounds like life is brimming with good things for you. And I can't believe you got to see that famous hotel. Wow! That's wonderful.

Congratulations on possible inclusion of a Wild Rose Press book!! Yippee! I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you.

Wish I could be at the Wichita Falls meeting. Darn it! Seems we're never going to get a chance to meet. Maybe one of these days.

Winona said...

Thank you all for reading my little blog. Pat, I was raised in New Mexico, perhaps the post about my trip "home" in May. Linda, we'll get together. I have agreed to be the upcoming president for RRRW. I hope to get you to come down for something. Or, maybe, I'll just come to Ralls.

Anonymous said...

What a busy summer you've had!

Thanks for adding me to your links on the sidebar.

Best wishes on your Wild Rose Press story.

Christi Corbett