Friday, November 5, 2010

Self Promotion and New Publication

I am, once again, humbled and proud to tell you that I have a story in the new anthology Patchwork Path: Christmas Stocking. It is available through me, Choice Publishing, or Amazon. I can be reached at

My story "Tea Set for an Angel" is a true story of hope. "Rosalie's Best Christmas" by Paul Atreides touched me in a way so profound I can't find the words to describe it. Judy Callarman's "Konawa in Time for Christmas 1928" shares a family story of hardship and answered prayer. "First Christmas on My Own" by Gregory A. Kompes will have every reader remembering their first Christmas away from home. Stephen D. Rogers makes his future holiday plans explicit in "To the Future Mother of My Children." "The Gift of Normandy Beach" by Sheila S. Hudson will instill gratitude for the military men and women protecting each of us. Every little girl dreams of owning a pony, "A Christmas Pony" by John M. Koelsch became one of my favorites because the girl in this woman still dreams of that Christmas pony.

There are more stories in this compact anthology. I believe that this book will make a memorable Christmas gift for anyone.

The title, again, is "Patchwork Path: Christmas Stocking" edited by Tena Beth Thompson and Gregory A. Kompes. The publisher is Choice Publishing Group. I hope readers will consider purchasing this special Christmas anthology.


Judith Leger said...

So Sorry I'm late with commenting. Life keeps getting too too busy! Congrats on the story in the anthology. Love and miss ya!

De'on Miller said...

I saw this on your profile page! Awesome and you do have Texas in your blood! I was born in Amherst, lived in Sudan, Littlefield, Lubbock, went to the JC in Levelland, and wow, just can't believe the world you and I share. Got to read some of your stuff and will order one of your books! Also, so glad you get to go to workshops and conferences! Woman be healed and write and thrill me more and more and, and, and, and yes, travel, and, and, and thank you, Lord for yet another "accidental meeting"--BTW, though it will show here, my blog is closed. Love you, really!

De'on Miller said...

Just got my book ordered! Look forward to the read.