Monday, May 16, 2011

An eye-opening challenge

Try this, Friends--
At a workshop the facilitator had the participants write free style for three minutes. She gave us one word to use. The word was motorcycle. Those of us who read our thoughts aloud differed so much it was amazing. I wrote of being a nurse and working in an ER when a motorcycle accident comes through the double doors. Another wrote of the freedom one feels on a motorcycle. Another wrote of a youthful memory and first love. Another wrote of the heartbreak of losing a loved one.

The exercise was about finding our personal voice in our writing.

I challenge each of you to sit down with a pencil and notebook. Write for three minutes using the word PROM. If you wish post your words. Let me hear at least about your voice.


Alicia Dean said...

What a great excercise. I decided to give it a try. Not exactly the best writing I've ever done, but I just spewed words for three minutes. This is the first thing that came to mind.
My son’s senior prom was a few weeks ago and as I watched him transform from the little boy who stole my heart 18 years ago into a man who would steal the hearts of countless women, I wept with a mixture of sadness and joy. He’s my baby and I’ll miss the little man who counted on me his entire life, but I look forward to knowing the man he will become. I can see already he’ll be funny and kind and strong and smart and considerate. I’d like to think I had something to do with at least a few of those qualities. I hug him, wrinkling his tux, saying goodbye through my tears.

Winona said...

I remember the bittersweet days of proms for my sons. Like your free exercise, Alice.

dylancassady said...
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Chelle Sandell said...

Sorry...that last post was mine. I guess my son used my computer last night. He won't have his prom until next year. So my first thought was of my own.

Anxiety riddled trips around town to find the best dress I could for the little money I had to spend. I dug through racks of discounted styles and finally, as disappointment clouded my thoughts, a flash of shiny teal caught my eye. The perfect dress just happened to be my size. Maybe the prom won't be a bust after all. Now the wait begins for him to ask. He hangs around my locker, he talks about his summer plans. My stomach clenches as the words eventually make their debut. The night arrives in a flurry of giggles and screeches. But the night ends with a possible new love.

Calisa Rhose said...

I was unable to go to prom. So with three daughters I was giddy with excitement as each one in turn rolled around. The oldest first, whom I cried with after transforming my wedding dress into a prom dress to serve her great wish, only to have her boyfriend refuse to take her. The middle who had a month old baby at home while she attended with her new husband had its own bittersweet memories attached. And at long last, the baby. I cried because I was 1800 miles away when she went to prom with her new love after moving to graduate with her cousin. Maybe it's a good thing I didn't go to prom!

Winona said...

My Junior year (1968)prom was not as good as my heart and mind conjured. My date from my own school was nice but he never asked me to dance. And, at the end of the night he kissed me. Yuck! He kissed like a cold fish. And, I hadn't received that many kisses at that time.

Friends of my parents talked my folks into letting me go to prom with the son of some of their friends. 70 miles away. A blind date. For prom! The only good thing about that date was the cool car the guy drove. What was his name?

I wore the same dress to both proms. A yellow empire dress with a lace overlay. It was borrowed.

For my senior year (1969)I wasn't allowed to attend prom because I had foolishly married. Girls back then were required to drop out of any extracurricular activities if they married or became pregnant. I was allowed to go to the banquet. I was sad. My husband was in Vietnam. I went to the banquet. Mama surprised me with a beautiful mint green dotted swiss voile dress. I loved it. I'll never know where she came up with the money but she did and it was special.

That impulsive marriage ended not long after the jerk got home from Vietnam.

I tend to rattle on when I'm writing. How do I fix that?

Carol said...

Invitation to prom on school wall.
Punishment dealt.
Boy banned from prom.
Media intervention.
Punishment recinded, changed.
Happy couple ready to dance.
The power of the press.

Ronda Morgan said...

I thought I would also give the challenge a try. From my son's point of view.
I told mom that I didn't want to go to prom. I didn't feel up to all the fuss. Having to get the tux and find the date. Messing with all the egos of all the other students. Not that I don't look good in a suit. Or that I couldn't find a date. There was a girl that wanted to go to prom and didn't want any romantic attachments. I think the main thing is I can't dance. I totally have no rhythm, and didn't want to sit around all night and watch everyone else.

Beth Trissel said...

Very interesting and fun challenge. :)

Janet K Brown said...

This always helps me when I get stuck. Thanks for sharing. I'll try prom next time.

Janet K Brown said...

That always helps me when I get stuck. Prom. Huh? Guess I'll try that one.