Monday, November 3, 2008


OK. We're three days into NaNo. The whole idea of writing a novel in a month is overwhelming. I'm working on the Oregon Trail YA novel I've researched, dreamed of, character developed and put aside time after time. For years "Rebecca's Journey" has been a part of me. She has wanted me to tell her story. I've balked like a stubborn mule in one of the scenes I've written.

I see Rebecca in my sleep. I fight for her. I want to scream at her when danger threatens. I even sigh when she receives her first kiss. Do you remember your first kiss? Your first real kiss. I do.

I wrote, and met the word count expectation, on day one. Yesterday, I just plain didn't have time to write. Today, I plan to make up for lost time and lost words. I have a bit of a problem. I'm one of those holdbacks. I tend to write longhand in a binder or notebook then type. I also tend to edit as I go. How on earth do you guys out there turn off that darn internal editor? Please, tell me . . . I really wanna know.

I know, that's old-fashioned and it doubles my work and eats up my time. I've decided that today I'll just use the computer. My notebook and sharpened pencils with the nerd erasers on them have been relegated to another room.

Something else has been everpresent in my mind. If you've read the post just before this one you know that I'm going to be attending my 40th high school reunion in the fall of 2009. Just thinking about it has been terrified. My heart beats faster. Questions about whether or not I'll be accepted interrupt my most rational thoughts. And, what if I don't lose weight? Do I go? My husband says yes. My heart says yes.

Well, that was not what I intended. What I was going to say is that these walks down memory lane have made me realize when I first began the thoughts of writing a book about the Oregon Trail. I was either a Sophomore or Junior and was taking American History. Mr. Gerald Haynes was the teacher. I became enthralled with the Oregon Trail and the cattle drives in the late 1800's. I did some kind of report about the Chisholm Trail.

Bottom line. This story has been a part of me for more than 40 years. Will 2009 be Rebecca's year? That is my plan. But, will it be the plan of a publisher? We'll see.

Now, to turn off internet and get to typing. I have about 4000 words to write today. Just to catch up. Jessica has succeeded in doing over 3000 words on day 1, despite coming to the Bayou Writer's Group meeting and being elected 2009 president. Mindy and I went to Starbucks after the meeting and wrote for a couple of hours. Few words were said, but I swear her computer was on fire. There I sat with my pencil and notebook. And, there she sat with a smoking computer. Go, Mindy!

I do so wish words typed in blogs and internet messages counted for NaNo. (Sigh). Until later, write well and tell your story.



Mindy Blanchard said...


I remember my first kiss..yuck..Don't remind me. lol

2009 IS REBECCA'S YEAR! You can do this, my friend.

Write a note ATTN: Winona, classy editor extraordinaire, You are wonderful but I don't need you right now. I'm writing and creating and you are getting on my nerves with editing. So I'm firing you. Do Not Disturb. Go have a margarita. I'll call you in a month when I'm ready for you, k. Muah!

And then you take off your editor hat and just let the words flowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Don't worry about following a scene to a T. If you know you are supposed to be in a certain chapter yet Rebecca is dying to run across the field to chase wildflowers than stop the train and let her do it (you never know where it might lead).

I'm a smoking hot typer! A zillion words a minute. (Secret: I haven't written in two days. EEEWK!)

So I'm getting off the computer and will get to writing. My Nalia wants 2009 to be her year too.

Hugs and Love


Winona said...

Rebecca and Nalia in 2009. Has a certain ring to it, doesn't it?

BTW, how many errors do you make typing so fast? I'm a slow typist and still make mistakes. Made a "D" in high school typing.

Conference is coming FAST! If I don't win one of the Margie Lawson packets I'll be giving you the money to purchase them from your Pay Pal account. We have almost enough door prizes for the number of registrants at this time.



Angie Kay Dilmore said...


You have the first most important quality required to write a successful story . . . passion! So don't give up!

Jess said...

hey, you girls are doing great. Don't worry about editing or even finishing. Just write...get the story down. I don't have as many words as some of my other writer friends do. They're flying and I'm trying to figure out how they're doing it. :(

When I get stumped, I type nothing but dialogue. That usually gets me going again.

P.S. Nona, I love your young pic. I think you and I would have been buds in high school. i can tell by your smile.

Judith Leger said...

Amen to that Jess. I've been writing all week. A few words at times, a ton the next time, but the words are getting put on the page. And that is all that matters.

Nona, TELL Rebecca's story. DON'T edit just write. If a scene is really prominent to you the write that one even if it's out of order. You can piece it together afterwards. The more scenes you write the closer you are to finishing the book. I know you can do it. It's been with you too long! The time is now!! Just do it!