Friday, November 21, 2008

On Rejections

Well, dear readers, I received another rejection. It arrived on an all ready horrific day. I've received other rejections, of course. This one had a particular impact and double whammy because just days before I had met and introduced the editor of the magazine , "The First Line," at our local Bayou Writer's Group writer's conference.

I had submitted weeks before the conference and was very excited about meeting Mr. LaBounty. As a daydreamer extraordinare I had fantasized about being told at the conference that my little story had been chosen.

I did my homework regarding reading some of the stories that had been published in the magazine. What didn't click is that my type of story--one of intense human emotion wasn't the generally accepted style. I understand that, especially after re-reading some stories from "The First Line," which is a literary journal.

I want to make it clear that I enjoy "The First Line" immensely. David LaBounty and his wife, Robin are enjoyable and interesting people. And, their children are just adorable.

I encourage readers of my blog to check out "The First Line," and submit. Of course, you can reach it at

Now, I'm off to take care of errands demanding to be run. Then, back home to find a home for my story. I still think it's a good story despite the rejection. I wish you inspired writing and no more rejections . . .



Judith Leger said...

I like that you aren't going to give up on the piece even with a rejection. It's always hard to receive one but it's not the end. Keep moving forward one step at a time!

Love ya!

Winona said...

There you are, Judy. I am missing you. Thank you for reading my blog.


Mindy Blanchard said...
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Mindy Blanchard said...

The story was wonderful, Nona. It'll find a home for sure. We are fully tuned into the reality of writing and receiving rejections, but it's still a bit of a jolt when we receive another one. Send it out to another place, and soon!


...paul said...

Hey Winona!! [Waving across the ocean to an old friend] There, I've started thinking about trying to write again, read a few blogs of people who are writing, and who's should I stumble across!!

If nothing else, at least rejections show you've had the courage to submit. Guess why I've never had a rejection letter! It's really good that you're not giving up on this piece of work. I do hope you find the right home for it.

The daydreaming was perfectly understandable. I'm sure that many of us would have done just the same -- I certainly would.

I've been reading through the rest of your blog; it sure sounds as though you've been busy. Good to have found you again.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Rejections are just "no thank you's"...or as Terry says, "his loss" LOL!

Keep on keeping on girlfriend.