Thursday, July 16, 2009

On updates, writing, and procrastination

Once again, I have procrastinated to the point of distraction and guilt . . . Every morning I think about updating my blog. Every morning I procrastinate and get busy with other things. Wish I had an answer to that particular "why" question.

This morning, I'm busily trying to pack a suitcase, finish laundry, clean house, and prepare to go to Wichita Falls, Texas for a week. My friend, Mary, is having surgery tomorrow. I will be helping her out as much as I am able. It will be good to get away, despite the reason.

We had a wonderful family reunion the weekend of the fourth of July. More than 60 people were present and there was more than enough food. We went out in the boats. Talked. Played with the kids and had great fireworks two nights in a row. I have to admit, seeing the reflection of the fireworks on the lake made them more beautiful.

Our trip to Virginia to see Rosalyn was great. Too short and so much fun. Hard to believe she is two. Bill has been out to sea quite a lot. He's serving on the USS Carl Vinson, a recently refitted aircraft carrier. Sierra is miserable. I think Bailey is going to be a big baby like her sister. I'll be flying out to Virginia on September 18th for a few weeks to help Sierra with Rosalyn and the new baby.

On writing . . . I'm finishing up my last assignment for the Long Ridge Novel Writer's Course. This one has to do with putting together a proposal package and learning about marketing. OUCH! My novel is moving along. I have the full outline and several chapters written and edited. Two chapters in long hand and my characters keep changing on me. Rebecca wants to be a bit more adventurous than I planned and she sure isn't taking this falling in love business well.

The wagon train is taking on a life of its own. Not just the characters, but the animals, supplies, and equipment. I recently heard Sharon Sala speak at a writer's group about the use of geography and weather as characters. I realized I was/am utilizing those things but never considered them to be characters. Just setting.

I have a rough draft finished of a memoir for "Patchwork Path" and two drafts about animals for "Grit." Considering working on re-tooling a couple of interviews and a holiday story. I want to write about my Daddy, but find that much too difficult.

I'm very much looking forward to the last week of July. Some friends from Louisiana are coming. We're going to stay at Ron's lake house. Our plans are to work on art journals, writing, and other creative pursuits. But, we'll probably spend a great deal of time just talking, playing Scrabble, and eating. I'm sure Ron's son, Greg, will take us out in his boat. It will be nice.

And, last of all, I have to say I'm missing Louisiana, my friends, my church, and my writer's group more than I ever imagined. However, it is nice to be "home" and near family.

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Mindy Blanchard said...

Nona love, I guess we never feel guilt free. There seems to be so much "time" on paper to do all of the things we want/need/etc, yet something always gets put on the back burner.

I'm glad to hear that the family reunion was great. Poor sierra, having you there will definitely help! Good luck to Mary, both of them are blessed to have such a great support system.

I look forward to seeing you!!! I count the days! hugs and love!