Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm back and writing

It's easy to see that my last post was in July. Since that time things in my life have been turned upside down. In a nutshell, my writing has taken a definite backseat to helping care for my cousin who is terminally ill, his mother who has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, spending time with an out-of-town friend who had major surgery, and spending six weeks in Virginia when my second grandbaby was born on September 17.

For quite some time I felt as if my brain cells had lost all creative juices. I did do some dabbling and my mind did some wandering. I have written snippets, thoughts, lists, and other ideas here and there. Mostly in a journal. I found one thought that came to me in sleep on the back of a catalog. I don't recall writing it.

However, I did find time to submit a memoir to Patchwork Path: Wedding Bouquet in August. I received notification on December 14 that the memoir had been accepted for the anthology. Amazing, that simple e-mail infused me with energy, the desire to write, and a self-commitment to make the time to write.

I have been taking my laptop and scribblings to my cousin's house. Perhaps, for now, I should concentrate on short stories, memoirs, and short articles rather than my novel. I will finish my last assignment for Long Ridge Writer's Group this week. I had to take a leave from that course.

Bottom line--I am back. I am energized. I am writing each day.


...paul said...

Hey Winona. Good to see you back.

Sounds like a real up-and-down time you've been having with your family. It must have been nice to be able to spend a good chunk of time with your new grandbaby.

Good to hear that you're still managing to do some writing -- even if not quite what you'd want to be doing. At least you're keeping the creative juices flowing in some way.

Mindy Blanchard said...

hey nona,

glad you are back to your writing. start small..give yourself a snippit of time here and there. u can do it.

hugs and love


Angie said...

Hi Nona,

Glad to see you back on your blog.

Merry Christmas!


Julia Mozingo said...


So glad you've got the creative juices flowing again, no matter what type of writing.

You go, girl!


Jess said...

Welcome 'home' and I'm so glad you're back! I'm going to send you a list of writing assignments. :) Short and sweet and they have your name written all over them. Congrats on the anthology acceptance. This is just the beginning. Miss you much!

Linda Broday said...

Glad you're energized and back to writing. I always feel like such a louse on days where I don't write a word. Writing really fulfills something inside me. I'm sure it does for all writers. Anyway, Merry Christmas and wishing you inspiring days.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Some wise soul said....despise not small beginnings - oh yeah, I think it was God :-)

Congrats on the acceptance and welcome back to the writing world!

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Anonymous said...


Karen Kelley said...

What a wonderful blog! I absolutely loved it.

Winona said...

Thanks to all for responding to my "getting back to writing" post. Paul, it is always amazing to hear from you. How are things in the UK? Jess, I got the assignments and they do have my name on them. The grandbabies just left. I'm tearful, but plan to post a new blog this morning.

...paul said...

Things are good here Winona. Had a wonderful Christmas with our family, and have generally been relaxing and taking time out.