Monday, February 8, 2010

Workshops and Writing

Good morning, Readers--I am taking an online workshop titled "The Xtremely Productive Writer" facilitated by Kara Lennox and sponsored by The Red River Romance Writer's Group of Wichita Falls, Texas. Kara has presented those involved in the workshop with much food for thought in only four lessons. We've discussed procrastination, more on procrastination, fear, and writer's block. I'm sure every writer can relate to these topics at some level.

I knew procrastination often paralyzed me as far as writing is concerned, but the lessons have awakened in me the reasons for my procrastination. I have little self-confidence regarding my own writing, I compare myself to others, I fear rejection, therefore not writing or submitting keeps rejection at bay. I allow life to get in the way.

Making a list of priorities in my life forced me to admit that writing is indeed very important to me. Not far behind God and family. I enjoy writing and when I allow myself to sit down and do it I retreat into the world of my story, my characters, and my scenes. When I am on the Oregon Trail in 1845 this world fades away. I taste the strong coffee, I feel the fatigue, my heart beats with fear and with love, I work hard to keep the wagon teams and the horses healthy, I rejoice with each day finished on the trail. And, I will shout "Eureka!" when my characters reach the end of the trail and I type "The End."

I have been writing more lately. Encouraged by monthly goals and writing challenges I find myself with pencil and notebook in hand. Writers, and everyone else, need goals to achieve their dream. My dream is, and has been, to publish "Rebecca's Journey," my short stories, and the two other novels I have outlined.

Self sabotage is a thing of the past for me. It really is, I'm not sure exactly when, what, or how that came to pass but it did and I'm thankful for it.

I would encourage writers of every level and genre to set goals, find inexpensive workshops through writing groups, attend conferences, and read books and magazines about the writing craft.

On a final, and sad, note I want to let everyone who has followed my blog know that my cousin Ron Cross died on January 29th. The cancer made his death quite painful. The nurse in me felt quite helpless because I couldn't fix it. He was a man of honor. He was a very successful business man and the Vice Mayor of my hometown. He was a loving family man leaving a wife and three children. Ron made sure he was doing anything he could to help our community and those in need. I will miss him greatly.


Jess said...

Oh, Nona, I'm so sorry about your cousin. I know you did all you could and that he loved you for it. I'll say a prayer for his family, and I'm thanking God for you--you're such a blessing to all who know you.

I should have taken that course with you! My confidence wouldn't fill up a thimble. And I've always thought you a good writer; would love to see you do more freelancing.

Have a great week. Miss you! Hey! How 'bout dem Saints?

Winona said...

Ah, Jess, you have little confidence? You've done so much. Check out the Red River Romance Writers. We have several more online workshops coming up. Maybe some of the BWG folks will be interested.